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What it is ?

AARU – Virtual Voice and Text enabled AI based Assistance to answer customer queries

What is does ?

  • Answers Customer queries
  • Collect data from customers and update various systems

How it works ?

  • AARU can be trained with question and answers/FAQ
  • AARU can be integrated with various applications for answering queries.
  • AARU can be integrated with Excel also to answer various questions.

AARU is software and can exists as virtual robot in cloud

  • AARU can be infused in side real robot and used as robot at premise.

Access From Any AI based System

AARU is integrated with all currently available AI based systems.

And Many … Single platform to deliver application on multiple platform

How AARU can be used?

  • AARU can be a virtual cloud based assistant integrated with various smart and existing interfaces i.e phone, chat, alexa, google home etc.
  • AARU can be embedded into real robot and will be available in premice.

Where I can use AARU?

Personal assistant integrated with my all applications

For Example Use case.

  • Real estate
  • Education

How AARU can help Application Provider?

  • TSI enabling applications on multiple new interfaces.
  • Application provider need to integrate with TSI platform only. No need to learn various platforms.
  • Helping business to launch services faster, with our predeveloped/customizable interfaces customized without worry about developing web apps and mobile apps.
  • TSI providing Smart Assistant platform for developing Assistant for various services


Why to use AARU ?

  • 24×7 Available somebody always available to answer query
  • Scale for answering millions of queries simultaneously
  • Saves on training cost
  • Maintain Data Privacy and Safety
  • Interface with various systems


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